G.O.D.TECH Series

Based on the novel GOD Tech: Mark of the Beast by David John Jeffery’, this work of fiction is an exciting, yet worrying, glimpse into a future where GOD is now a term to describe a fearful and controlling World Government, a place and a time where dissent and freedom of speech have been completely lost.

You are taken on a journey following the lives of a family who have chosen not to take the microchip which can be implanted on the hand or forehead but instead live a life with no home and consistently on the run from the one world government known as the F.A.T.H.E.R.

The family consists of Matthew (Sam Dunning), Mary (Susana Rodrigues), Thomas (Xavier Gomez) and Alice (Alice Loftus).

G.O.D.TECH is an apocalyptic science fiction tale of action, desire and betrayal as the Corby family, Matthew, Mary, Thomas and Alice, are captured by a government agency, separated, interrogated and forced to make life decisions that will change their lives forever.