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“8v40” is a thrilling romantic sci-fi movie that follows the journey of Jason, a Londoner, who finds an extraordinary way to be with the woman he loves, Rachel, living in the Philippines. Jason is determined to meet Rachel but lacks the financial means to travel. When he stumbles upon an opportunity to earn £2000 by participating in a scientific experiment involving teleportation, he seizes the chance to make his dream a reality.

During the experiment, Jason realizes that he can teleport, and a world of possibilities opens up before him. Driven by love, he uses this newfound ability to visit Rachel in the Philippines, surprising her with his presence. However, Rachel misunderstands his intentions, believing he has come to see another woman, and becomes upset. Upon advice from her friends, she blocks all contact with him.

Heartbroken, Jason is not deterred. He manages to find another opportunity to visit Rachel, in the Philippines, once more, but little does he know that the UK military, who secretly owns and controls the teleportation project, is hot on his trail. They view his unauthorized use of the technology as a severe breach and threat to national security.

In a gripping turn of events, the military captures Jason, leaving him in dire straits. Meanwhile, Rachel discovers the truth behind Jason’s actions and realizes that the project holds dangerous secrets. Driven by love and a determination to save Jason, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Fuelled by adrenaline and courage, Rachel acquires the teleportation device and embarks on a daring journey to London. Along the way, she unravels the sinister truth about the teleportation project and how it poses a significant risk to those involved, including Jason’s life.

As Rachel arrives in London, she faces numerous obstacles and dangers, but her love for Jason gives her the strength to persevere. She confronts Dr Daniel Hanwell, the leading scientist on the project, who tries to stop her, and races against time to save Jason and expose the dark secrets that lie within the teleportation project.

In a breathtaking climax, Jason must navigate through the perilous web of deception and intrigue to rescue Rachel and ensure the world is free from the dangers of this technology. “8v40” is a roller-coaster ride of love, courage, and discovery, showcasing the extraordinary lengths two individuals will go to be together, no matter the distance or the danger they face.