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About Us

Award Winning Film Production Company

Invisible Sword Productions Ltd are an independent UK based commercial, film, TV and video production company who have been working for the past 11 years creating and developing amazing visual aids to help promote your business, organisation or brand.

We are based in London and Sheffield, but have worked across the whole of the United Kingdom and also in parts of America and the Philippines.

We have many years of industry production experience behind us, having created content for many independent organisations; most recently The Lion Gym, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. Recent Awards.

We were delighted to have come second place in the 2018 Catford Free Film Festival 48 Hour Competition with our silent film “You’ve Got Instagram”.

We were nominated for and awarded 4th place Best Film Award and nominated for Best Use of Prop Award at the 2021 48 Hours Film Project London for the short ‘soap opera’ film, “I’m in Love with my Stalker”.

We have also been a finalist for Best SciFi Short Film, Best Trailer, Best Director, Best Actress in a Short Film, and Best Editing at the 2023 Cooper Awards for the time travel film, “Blink Time”.