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Hi! I’m David John Jeffery

Award Winning Film Production Company

David John Jeffery was born in Southampton, England in 1977 but has lived and traveled extensively across the UK, Europe and Russia, providing him with thorough life experience and a diverse understanding of other nations, arts and cultures.

His passion for the arts, such as composing music for several instruments of all types and capturing still images, grew steadily from a young age as he began discovering and honing his skills leading to the winning of photography competitions by the time he’d reached the age of 10.

Upon becoming a teenager, his interests expanded into the dramatic arts and he began to study dancing (such as ballroom, country, waltz and tap) as well as train to become an actor, performing in various productions at the Hawth Theatre, near the London Gatwick Airport in England, including singing in a musical adaptation of the notable Shakespeare classic ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and featuring in ‘The Tolpuddle Martyrs’.

At the age of 14 he started exploring the art of writing, beginning work on a series of satirical plays named ‘Don’t Call Me Irvin’ as well as attempting to produce a few novels but it wasn’t until later, still in his teens, that he started researching and writing what would eventually become a best seller, his first completed and published novel ‘GOD Tech: Mark of the Beast’.

As he slowly grew into a young adult, always looking to develop and acquire new talents, David decided to test his creative skill in graphic design which he used to create costumes as well as develop patterns, drawings and writings that could be printed on garments. However, still in love with theatre, he decided to take part in production by working in stage pyrotechnics and lighting.

After all the diverse experiences in the many and numerous arts in which he trained, at the age of 17 he chose to pursue a career as a Disc Jockey, a craft he worked in between 1995 and 2010 where he further developed his skills in lighting and sound. This meant DJing as DJ Jazzy for the popular station Radio Lovely, an accompaniment to the even more popular TV series ‘How To Start Your Own Country’, created by writer and comedian Danny Wallace.

Whilst doing so, he also spent time as a Youth Leader overseeing teams of teenagers with whom he acted, produced and directed various short films and music videos, the most successful of which being ‘Hope 16’, about fighting evil and never giving up hope.

In 2010, the novel ‘GOD Tech: Mark of the Beast’, which he’d began writing as a teenager, was finally published with great success making it to no. 2 in the book charts under the Religious Science Fiction category.

It was at this point, realizing that he wanted to make pictures, that David kick started his own film production company, which he called Black Light Enterprises Ltd (later known as Invisible Sword Productions Ltd) and began producing short films, documentaries and music videos as well as entering many movie competitions. Naturally, his next step, was to direct a feature film based on his best seller, ‘G.O.D.TECH’.