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Privacy Policy

Award Winning Film Production Company

We collect the following categories of personal information about you:

  • Personal details: When you create your Invisible Sword account, we collect your contact information (such as your email address) and authentication information for your login (such as a password). Depending on how you subsequently set up your account and method of payment, and which features you use, we also collect one or more of the following: first and last name, phone number, postal address, and other identifiers you provide to us. If you subscribe to an ad supported subscription plan, we also collect gender and date of birth.
  • Payment details: We collect your payment details, and other information to process your payments, including your payment history, billing address, and gift cards you have redeemed.
  • Invisible Sword account/profile information: We collect information that is associated with your Invisible Sword account and/or Invisible Sword profiles on your account (such as profile name and icon, Invisible Sword game handle, ratings and feedback you provide for Invisible Sword content), “My List” (watch list of titles), “continue watching” information, account/profile settings, and choices in connection with your use of the Invisible Sword service.
  • Usage information: We collect information about your interaction with the Invisible Sword service (including playback events, such as play, pause, etc.), choices made when engaging with interactive titles, your Invisible Sword game activity (such as gameplay, game use and interaction information, and progress or saved game information), Invisible Sword viewing and gaming history, search queries on the Invisible Sword service, and other information about your use and interaction with the Invisible Sword service (such as app clicks, text input, time and duration of access, and camera/photo access for QR-code and similar functionality).
  • Advertising information: If you subscribe to an ad supported subscription plan, we collect information about the ads on Invisible Sword (“Advertisements,” as defined in the Invisible Sword Terms of Use) that you view or interact with, device information (such as resettable device identifiers), IP addresses, and information provided by Advertising Companies (such as information about your likely interests they have collected or inferred from your visits to other websites and apps). We use this information to display Advertisements to you in the Invisible Sword service (including behavioral advertisements in accordance with your preferences).
  • Device and network information: We collect information about your computer or other Invisible Sword capable devices you might use to access our service (such as smart TVs, mobile devices, set top boxes, gaming systems, and other streaming media devices), your network, and network devices. The information includes:
    • device IDs or other unique identifiers, including for your network devices (such as your router), and devices that are Invisible Sword capable on your network;
    • IP addresses (which can be used to tell us the general location of your device, such as your city, state/province, and postal code);
    • device and software characteristics (such as type and configuration), referring source (for example, referrer URLs), standard web browser and mobile app log information, and connection information including type (such as wifi or cellular);
    • performance data such as crash reports, timestamps, and debug log messages; and
    • cookie data, resettable device identifiers, advertising identifiers and other unique identifiers (described below in the section “Cookies and Internet Advertising”).
  • Communications: If you communicate with Invisible Sword (such as contacting customer support via online chat or voice call), engage in our surveys or feedback requests (such as when you cancel), we collect the contents of such communications. We also collect details of communications that we send you (such as via email, push notifications, text message, or within the Invisible Sword service), and information about your interaction and engagement with these communications.