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To be considered by Invisible Sword Productions, submit your film here.

​Invisible Sword will respond within 72 hours only if your submission piques our interest.

​We accept all genre feature films including documentaries.

​We are very selective when assessing

  • documentaries 
  • content in Black & White
  • Arthouse and experimental films
  • very low-budget films

​Non-English speaking films are welcome as long as English subtitles are available.

​You MUST include a private screener if your film is completed.

We cannot assess a completed feature with a trailer only!!

We only accept screeners hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or Film Freeway.

Screeners on Google Drive, Dropbox or else will not be watched.

Please check our film financing page for rules around submissions.

We might provide support to crowdfunding campaigns that are actively underway.

Invisible Sword will not respond to:

1. Short films.

2. Content with a duration of less than 70 minutes.

3. Content that has already been distributed in North America by a distributor and/or self-released on platforms.

4. Screenplay submission.

Given the high volume of submissions we receive, we will only contact you if your submitted content aligns with our criteria. If you haven’t received a response within 10 business days of submitting your work, please understand that your content has not been chosen. Thank you.


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